Which is the best mouse 2022

Which is the best mouse 2022
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Best Gaming Mouse Under 2000 In India 2023

Best Gaming Mouse Under 2000 In India 2023

Best Gaming Mouse Under 2000 : Gaming has changed a lot over the last few months. Cheap internet connections have brought a lot of changes for eSports players thanks in large part to the internet providers who provide cheap internet. Although most of the eSports players come from bgmi, call of duty, free fire others battle royale games and still there are many avid gamers who dream of making a career in PC gaming.

A person who wants to make a career in PC gaming needs to have a good high quality powerful computer. If he doesn't have a good computer, then how can he make his own career? It is definitely necessary to have a good computer. Think you have a computer but you don't have a mouse then how will you play games you have a cpu you have a keyboard but you don't have a mouse that's why the mouse is very important that's why everyone goes online google chrome wherever they want and search for the best gaming mouse.

You understand how much mouse is needed to play your games without mouse you can't play any game on PC that's why you need an LED to play games you can't play good games with simple mouse because dpi system is not good then fast speed is not there That's why I will tell you about some gaming mouse that will have LED light installed inside the mouse, with the help of LED light you can understand which button is which.

That's why I will tell you about some mouse which price will be under 2000 rupees and you search again and again that good mouse by going to google but you can't find it anywhere. Don't get tensed if you don't get the mouse I will tell you some mouse that people will be totally gaming mouse and it will have LED light and good speed and dpi will be good I guarantee so much that after reading this post you need to go and post somewhere else. Read the post carefully so that you don't have to look for a mouse.

Top Mouse List

  1. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury.
  2. Razer DeathAdder Essential.

Logitech G402 DPI Upto 4000, eaight Programmable Buttons Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse Under 2000

To start the list of very good gaming mouse under 2000 rupees I have brought to you Logitech g402 mouse.Logitech company is a famous switch manufacturing company in America and they make mouse keyboard and other accessories for gaming they are famous all over the world for this. The mouse is very cheap and so cheap that you can't even imagine that you can get it at such a low price. You will feel very comfortable using this mouse and it looks very good and the design is very good.

While using this mouse you will not feel any pain in your hand or left hand and you can play games for hours with this mouse.Friends, there is a system inside this mouse that you can use the RGB light of your mouse to light the light you want in this mouse.

Best Gaming Mouse Under 2000 In India 2023

This mouse has its own gaming software if you have played games using that software.But I will tell you one bonus point of using this mouse. That bonus point is that there are some functions in this gaming software. Those functions can be set with any button of the mouse. will go.


Logitech G402 DPI Upto 4000, eaight Programmable Buttons Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

HighlightsLogitech G402 is Wired mouse
HighlightsLogitech G402 is For Gaming mouse
Highlights  Logitech G402 support USB 2.0 mouse
HighlightsLogitech G402 is Optical Mouse
HighlightsLogitech G402 is On-the-fly DPI switching mouse
HighlightsLogitech G402 is 32-Bit arm processor mouse
HighlightsLogitech G402 is Fusion engine high-speed tracking mouse
HighlightsLogitech G402 is 8 programmable buttons, High-speed clicking mouse


Logitech G402 Model NameG402. DPI Upto 4000, 8 Programmable Buttons in this mouse
Logitech G402 System RequirementsWindows 7,Windows8, Windows Windows, Windows 10, Windows11.
Logitech G402 Maximum Accelerationthis mouse wait 16 g, 
Logitech G402 Controlsmouse 8
Logitech G402 Colormouse Color Black,white.
Logitech G402 Warrantythis mouse 2 Year Limited Hardware Warranty

Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse

This mouse looks very nice and this mouse is equipped with very high speed sensor. And this mouse is equipped with 6400 dpi 3328 pixcel sensor. This mouse is equipped with high quality sensor and the click speed is very high so people use this mouse for playing games. remains.

This mouse gives you high tracking speed of anything and it enables you to do everything with very fast speed. Like Logitech g402 clicking speed is very good but this mouse speed is much better than other mouse in this price range.All the buttons on this mouse enable you to shoot any enemy and move the gun scope in and out while playing any battle royale game.

The people of this mouse company say that you can do 10 million clicks with the mouse.According to the fact that you can click so much using this mouse, I can say that this mouse is very durable and will last for a long time, you can use this mouse for three to four years.

When you use this mouse, you will not feel that you are using the mouseYou will not feel that this mouse is playing games on your computer or doing any other work. This mouse is of various designs and this mouse is equipped with RGB lights. Those lights change color repeatedly by themselves.

Very good design and the quality of this mouse is very good. The mouse of this company has received many awards in many places. If you don't use this mouse for hours and play games or do any other work, this mouse will not have any other problems or heat. 

HighlightsWired mouse
HighlightsFor Gaming mouse
Highlights2.4GHz Wireless mouse
HighlightsHybrid Mouse mouse


Model Name
Razer DeathAdder Essential this mouse model name
System Requirements no Requirements
ColorBlack, white,
TypeOptical, Wired, right hand
ColourBlack, White
SensorPixart PMW3328
Polling Rate1000 / 1ms
Tracking Speed220 IPS
Liftoff Distance2mm
DPI Up to
Mouse Buttons5
Cable1.8 long normal cable
Only green
SoftwareYes, Razer Synapse 3
Dimension127 x 62 x 43 mm
WarrantyTwo years

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