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PC Cabinet under 1000 flipkart

PC Cabinet under 1000 flipkart
PC Cabinets are essential components of a PC setup, providing protection and organization for your hardware. Finding the right PC Cabinet can be tricky though; you need one that fits your budget, looks good, and has enough room to hold all of your gear. If you’re looking for an affordable cabinet but don't want to sacrifice quality or features, then a PC Cabinet under 1000 flipkart may be just what you're looking for.

In this blog post we will review some of the best-selling models available on Flipkart in order to help you make the best decision when it comes time to buy. We'll cover both mid tower and full tower cabinets from various manufacturers so that you can find exactly what meets your needs without breaking the bank. Additionally, we will look at some important factors such as cooling performance, cable management options, and compatibility with other components before making our final recommendations so that customers have all of the information they need in one place before selecting their purchase.
If you're looking to upgrade your gaming PC, but don't want to break the bank in doing so, then a PC cabinet under 1000 from Flipkart is an ideal choice. With a variety of different options available, ranging from budget-friendly cabinets with basic features to high-end models with RGB lighting and other bells and whistles, there's surely something for everyone on Flipkart. The first thing you'll need to decide when shopping for a new PC cabinet is what type of form factor you'd like.

Do you prefer the traditional mid tower or would something more compact such as mini ITX be better suited for your needs? On Flipkart, there are plenty of choices here too - from full-sized ATX towers through to small mATX cases that can accommodate smaller motherboards and fewer components. There are also various sizes depending on how much space you have available within your room - some come in smaller sizes which make them great if space is at a premium while larger enclosures provide more room should it be needed.

When selecting an enclosure on Flipkart, pay attention not just to size but also design elements such as airflow and cable management capabilities. Many modern cases offer excellent ventilation thanks to strategically placed fan mounts whilst dedicated cable routing channels help keep things neat inside the case itself – both crucial factors in ensuring optimal cooling performance and system stability over time. Additionally look out for specialised mounting points designed specifically for watercooling systems or radiators – perfect if liquid cooling is something that interests you!

Lastly don’t forget about aesthetics – many PC cases nowadays feature interesting designs or include features such as RGB illumination strips or side window panels allowing users show off their hardware in style! All these features can usually be found within most PCs under 1000 rupees price range making them great value overall!

Q1: What Kind of Pc Cabinet is Available under 1000 on Flipkart

If you are looking to buy a PC cabinet under 1000 rupees on Flipkart, there is good news for you – there is a wide variety of options available. From basic cabinets with no frills to stylish and feature-laden ones, the choice is yours. To help you make an informed decision, here we take a look at some of the best PC cabinets that can be bought for less than 1000 rupees on Flipkart.

1) Ant Esports ICE-200TG Gaming Cabinet: This gaming cabinet from Ant Esports comes with great looks and features like tempered glass side panel, pre-installed RGB fans and dust filters. It supports ATX/mATX motherboards along with graphics cards up to 330mm in length. The price tag of Rs 849 makes it one of the most affordable gaming cases out there in this range.

2) Zebronics Max Tower Cabinet: Another great option in this price range is Zebronics’ Max tower cabinet which has been designed keeping gamers in mind. It offers plenty of space inside along with support for ATX/microATX motherboards and graphics cards up to 290mm longs. Additionally, it also comes with 2 pre-installed LED fans and dust filters as well as USB 3 ports at the front panel making it quite versatile too.

The price tag reads just Rs 799! 3) Cirago CMC3000 Mid Tower Cabinet: If you want something more basic yet still functional then Cirago’s CMC3000 mid tower could be worth considering too since its priced just marginally higher at Rs 999 .It boasts support for both ATX & mATX boards alongwith VGA Cards up to 250 mm size .

In addition ,it also has enough space inside for 4 hard disk drives & its made from high quality steel material which makes it durable as well . 4) Cooler Master K380 Mid Tower Case : Last but not least if your budget allows slightly over 1000 rupee mark then Cooler Master's K380 mid tower case should definitely be considered .Its got generous interior room allowing installation upto 5 HDDs or SSDs plus ample cooling through two 120 mm fan mounts (one included )and dust filter slots throughout the case .

Moreover ,its chassis design gives added protection against scratches & falls while its price tag stands firmly at Rs 1089 only ! In conclusion ,buying a decent PC cabinet nowadays doesn't have to burn hole into your pocket anymore because even within tight budgets one can find few gems such as mentioned above which offer excellent value for money spent !

Zebronics Pc Cabinet under 1,000

Are you looking for a great, affordable way to house your gaming PC? Look no further than the Zebronics Pc Cabinet under 1,000. This budget-friendly cabinet is perfect for gamers on a tight budget who want some extra storage and style in their setup.

The Zebronics Pc Cabinet comes with two USB 3.0 ports and two audio jacks as well as support for up to four fans that can be connected directly to the motherboard or via an adjustable speed controller. The cabinet is also equipped with dust filters and easy access front I/O panel so that you are able to quickly connect any peripherals without having to open up the case and mess around inside of it. In addition, this cabinet has plenty of room for all of your components including graphics cards, hard drives, optical drives, motherboards etc., giving you enough space to build an impressive gaming rig without stretching your wallet too thin!

The exterior features a stylish black finish with blue accents which looks great in any environment while providing ventilation holes at the backside of the case allowing air circulation within it. Overall, if you’re looking for an inexpensive solution when building or upgrading your computer then look no further than the Zebronics Pc Cabinet under 1,000; it provides everything you need at a low cost making it one of the best value options available today!

Computer Cabinet under 1,000

If you're looking for a computer cabinet that won't break the bank, there are several options available for under $1,000. Whether you need something to store your desktop PC and monitor or an all-in-one solution with more storage space, these cabinets offer plenty of features and value for their price tag. For starters, many of these cabinets come equipped with a CPU holder that allows you to mount your processor securely in place.

This makes it easier to access the internal components without having to move the entire case around. In addition, some models provide additional storage solutions such as drawers or shelves so you can keep all your peripherals organized and accessible at any time. Many also feature adjustable heights so they can fit into tight spaces or accommodate larger monitors or keyboards if needed.

When it comes to aesthetics, most computer cabinets under $1000 come in modern designs featuring sleek lines and striking colors like black or silver. Some even have tempered glass panels on one side which gives them a stylish look while providing easy visibility into the interior components of the machine itself. Most units are constructed from sturdy materials such as steel or aluminum which helps prevent vibrations from affecting performance during gaming sessions or other intensive activities like video editing and 3D rendering projects.

The majority also include cable management systems which keeps cords neat and tidy out of sight but within reach when necessary – perfect for those who want everything neatly tucked away behind closed doors! Ultimately, finding a quality computer cabinet doesn’t have to be expensive – just make sure you check out what each model has to offer before making your purchase decision! With so many great choices out there today at budget friendly prices - including ones perfect for both home office setups as well as serious gamers - there really is no excuse not to find something that fits both your needs and style preferences perfectly!

Cpu Cabinet under 800

If you’re looking for a CPU cabinet to house your computer and its components, but don't want to break the bank, then this blog post is for you. We’ll discuss what features to look for in a budget-friendly CPU cabinet and provide some examples of cabinets that come in at under 800 Rupees. When shopping for a CPU case on a budget, there are several important factors to consider.

The size of the case should be one of your top priorities—you'll need enough room to fit all the necessary components like hard drives, graphics cards and RAM modules. Additionally, make sure the case has plenty of cooling options so that it can keep all these components working optimally; look out for vents or fans on both sides as well as additional fan slots at the top or bottom. It's also worth checking whether your chosen model comes with USB ports which will allow you connect external devices such as printers or keyboards quickly and easily without having to open up the side panel each time.

Finally, take into account how much space you have available in order not buy something too big or small! Fortunately there are lots of great CPUs cases available under 800 rupees – here are just three examples: - Antec NX210 Mid Tower ATX Cabinet: This stylish mid tower ATX cabinet offers an excellent blend between price and performance – coming in at around 600 rupees it boasts two pre-installed 120mm fans which provide excellent airflow throughout its interior while seven expansion slots give plenty of room if upgrades become necessary down the line.

It also includes four USB ports (two 2.0 & two 3.0) located conveniently on its front panel making it easier than ever before when connecting external peripherals such as mice & keyboards etc.. - Zebronics ZEB 500W SMPS With Maxxx MX20 Cabinet Combo: Coming in at around 700 rupees this combo package provides everything needed for setting up a new build from scratch including power supply unit (500w) plus an attractive black mid tower chassis boasting support for both microATX/MiniITX motherboards alongside five internal drive bays allowing storage expansion with ease later down the line should it become necessary! Its ventilation system consists primarily composed by 1 x 120 mm rear fan plus two 80mm side fans providing adequate cooling regardless whether gaming rig or workstation configuration ends being used instead after installation process completes successfully or not respectively…

- Cooler Master MB511 RGB Cabinate : Last but certainly not least we have this eye catching RGB cabinate by Cooler Master coming in at 799 rupee mark it offers outstanding value thanks mainly due presence 4 pre installed addressable rgb leds placed strategically across entire exterior surface creating mesmerizing effect whenever active//inactive mode switches depending user preference set earlier during setup phase prior turning PC itself back ON afterwards again… As far practicality goes though still manages pack generous amount features despite tight pricing structure ranging anywhere between 4x USB 3 ports located towards front part along regular audio jacks/mic input output found same location followed 8 expandable slots inside chassis itself able accommodate most popular sizes graphic cards market today without any issues whatsoever either way!. Overall these three models offer excellent value within their respective price brackets – they all include ample cooling solutions while boasting generous amounts internal storage capabilities too meaning no matter what kind computing task required completing day end perfect solution guaranteed every single time guaranteed!!

Intex Cabinet under 1,000

If you’re looking for an affordable storage option for your home or office, the Intex cabinet is a great choice. This versatile piece of furniture has been designed to fit in any room and can be used to store anything from kitchen items to books and documents. The Intex cabinet comes in three different sizes – small (under 500), medium (500-1000) and large (over 1000).

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the Intex cabinets that cost under 1,000 dollars. The Intex cabinet series offers plenty of features no matter what size you choose. All models come with adjustable shelves so you can customize them according to your needs.

Additionally, they have reinforced doors with lockable handles which ensures that all your possessions are safe and secure when stored inside the unit. The cabinets also feature attractive designs with black laminate finish that looks great in any setting. You can even choose from two stunning wood grain finishes if desired.

When it comes to pricing, there are plenty of options available under 1,000 dollars for the Intex line of cabinets. For instance, the small model costs about $400 while the medium size is priced at around $800 - 900 depending on where you buy it from..

Lastly, if budget isn’t an issue then go for one of their larger units which range anywhere between $1k - 2k+. Whichever model you choose rest assured knowing that all these products are made using high quality materials like birch plywood veneers and solid hardwoods ensuring years of use without having to worry about wear or tear due its build quality construction methods employed by INTEX Cabinets Incorporated . Overall ,the INTEX Cabinet series provides excellent value for money regardless of whether you opt for a smaller or larger sized unit; giving homeowners access to stylish yet functional furniture pieces they need while staying within their budget constraints .

So if you’re looking for reliable yet affordable storage solutions then consider investing in one today !

Desktop Cabinet With Smps

When it comes to choosing the right desktop cabinet for your computer, a good option is one with an SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply). An SMPS is a type of power supply that helps regulate and switch the voltage output from your wall outlet, so you can safely and efficiently use your computer. It's an essential part of any desktop cabinet setup and can help protect both your components and yourself from potential electrical hazards.

A typical desktop cabinet includes several compartments for mounting hard drives, optical drives, other internal components, as well as an area for attaching peripherals like keyboards or monitors. A good quality case should also be designed to dissipate heat quickly while still providing enough space inside to keep all of these items in place without becoming cramped. But if you’re not using an SMPS with your cabinet setup then it won't provide the same level of protection against faulty electricity or electrical surges.

An SMPS typically consists of two main parts: a transformer which converts AC input power into DC output power at the desired voltage level; and a switching element which manages how much current flows through each component connected to it by rapidly switching between different levels based on demand. This allows more efficient usage than traditional linear supplies since only necessary currents are transferred instead of wasting excess energy in conversion losses due to inefficient regulation methods used in older designs. The advantages of having an SMPS installed in your desktop cabinet include improved performance, greater reliability due to better surge protection capabilities ,and lower cost because fewer external components are needed compared to non-SMPS systems .

Ultimately though, the key benefit is safety – no matter what kind of equipment setup you have inside your case its important that you feel confident about its ability handle any potential risks associated with electricity flow. With this peace mind investing in quality cabinets equipped with reliable switched mode power supplies is always worthwhile!

Pc Cabinet under 3000

If you’re looking to build your own PC, but don’t want to spend too much money, there are plenty of great options for PC cabinets under $3000. With all the advancements in technology, modern PCs can be incredibly powerful and provide excellent performance even on a budget. When shopping for a PC cabinet on a budget, there are several things to consider.

First and foremost, size is important. You should pick a case that fits all of your components comfortably as well as provides adequate airflow to keep everything cool. In addition to this, it’s important to select one with good cooling features such as built-in fans or liquid cooling capability if you plan on pushing the boundaries of what your system can do.

The next thing is aesthetics; some people like flashy designs while others prefer more subdued looks – whatever suits your taste best! Fortunately most cases come available in different colors and finishes so you can find something that matches the rest of your setup perfectly without going over budget. Don't forget about cable management either – make sure there's enough room behind the motherboard tray for routing cables neatly so they won't interfere with air flow or get tangled up when moving components around later on down the line!

Finally we have price: while it may seem obvious at first glance that spending less will mean sacrificing quality - this isn't necessarily true anymore! There are many great options out there which offer both value and performance without breaking the bank; whether its an ATX mid-tower case with tempered glass side panels or an ITX mini case perfect for space saving builds. All in all selecting a new pc cabinet doesn’t have to be intimidating – just take into account what type of components you need/want inside (and their size) then look around until you find something within your budget that meets those requirements aesthetically as well!

So go ahead and browse through our selection today – chances are we'll have something here just right for what you're looking for at prices starting from under $3000!


If you're looking for a PC cabinet under Rs. 1000, Flipkart has got you covered! With plenty of options to choose from, you can find the perfect PC cabinet that best suits your needs and budget. Whether it's a stylish design with tempered glass side panels or one with high airflow capabilities, there are several models available in the price range of Rs. 500-1000.

Many of these models come with additional features such as dust filters and cable management options for added convenience. So what are you waiting for? Check out Flipkart now and get your hands on a great PC cabinet at an affordable price!

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