Ranbir Kapoor's Animal Unleashes a Dark Symphony of Revenge: Gripping Trailer and South Film Offers Revealed!

Experience the gripping trailer of Animal as Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol embark on a dark saga of revenge. Uncover Ranbir's south film offers and his
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Ranbir Kapoor's Animal Unleashes a Dark Symphony of Revenge: Gripping Trailer and South Film Offers Revealed!

animal movie


Prepare yourself for a cinematic rollercoaster as Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol ignite a fierce and intense battle in the much-anticipated Animal. Directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, this dark saga of revenge promises an adrenaline-pumping experience that transcends boundaries. The recently unveiled trailer unveils a world of brutality, with Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol leading the charge alongside Anil Kapoor and Rashmika Mandanna.

Animal Trailer Unleashed:

Get ready for a pulse-pounding ride as the Animal trailer gives us a firsthand look at the visceral clash between Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol's characters. Released by the cast and makers, the trailer plunges from intense to bloody in moments, showcasing Ranbir in his bloodiest avatar yet. Armed with a knife, axe, and machine gun, Ranbir's character embodies the result of a violent upbringing, with blame placed on his on-screen father, Anil Kapoor.

About Animal:

animal movie

Scheduled to hit theaters on December 1, Animal was initially slated for release on December 11, 2023, but was delayed due to pending post-production work. T-Series officially announced the film on January 1, 2021, with a star-studded cast including Ranbir Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, and Parineeti Chopra. Later, Rashmika Mandanna replaced Parineeti Chopra in the role of Geetanjali, Ranbir's wife.

Ranbir's South Film Offers:

animal movie

The impact of Animal's trailer extends beyond Bollywood, with reports indicating that Ranbir Kapoor is receiving multiple offers from the South film industry. Producers and directors from Tamil Nadu and Telugu film industry are reaching out to Ranbir, with tempting proposals for new projects.

Intriguingly, a Tamil filmmaker has approached Ranbir for a Hindi project, envisioning him as a director in a two-hero film. Simultaneously, a prominent Telugu producer, working on a colossal film, offers Ranbir the opportunity to handpick a director from an impressive roster. While these offers are creating a buzz, Ranbir is yet to confirm his participation in these ventures.

Ranbir's Detached Persona:

animal movie

In a recent press meet, Ranbir Kapoor revealed a surprising facet of his personality. Despite portraying intense characters on-screen, he emphasized his detached nature, ensuring he leaves his characters behind when he returns home to his family. In his own words, "I am a detached person. I never bring my character home. It's not fair to my loved ones. If I were to act like that at home, my wife would probably beat me up."






As Animal's release date approaches, the excitement surrounding the film amplifies. Ranbir Kapoor's foray into the South film industry adds a new dimension to his career, and fans eagerly await the cinematic spectacle that Animal promises to be.

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