Unveiling the Powerhouse: MSI MEG Z790 ACE Motherboard

the MSI MEG Z790 ACE Motherboard stands tall as a beacon of innovation and power. Designed to cater to the most demanding tasks,
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Unveiling the Powerhouse: MSI MEG Z790 ACE Motherboard

MSI MEG Z790 ACE Motherboard
MSI MEG Z790 ACE Motherboard

In the realm of high-performance computing, where every frame counts and every operation demands precision, the MSI MEG Z790 ACE Motherboard stands tall as a beacon of innovation and power. Designed to cater to the most demanding tasks, from hardcore gaming to content creation, this E-ATX motherboard redefines what's possible with its cutting-edge features and relentless performance. Let's dive into the intricacies of this technological marvel and explore how it sets a new standard for motherboards.

Extreme Performance for 12th & 13th Gen Core Processors

At the heart of the MEG Z790 ACE lies a powerhouse capable of unleashing the full potential of Intel's 12th & 13th Gen Core Processors. Equipped with a robust 24 DRPS (105A, SPS) VRM system, this motherboard ensures stable power delivery to fuel even the most demanding workloads. The Core Boost architecture takes multi-core overclocking to new heights, pushing the boundaries of performance beyond imagination.

Ultimate Cooling Solutions

Efficient cooling is paramount when pushing hardware to its limits, and the MEG Z790 ACE excels in this aspect. Its VRM cooling system features a direct-touch cross heat-pipe design coupled with heavy-plated Fin Array MOS heatsinks, ensuring optimal thermal dissipation under extreme loads. The inclusion of 7W/mK MOSFET thermal pads with extra choke pads further enhances cooling efficiency, keeping temperatures in check even during marathon gaming sessions.

DDR5 Memory and PCIe 5.0 & 4.0 x16 Slots

MSI MEG Z790 ACE Motherboard
MSI MEG Z790 ACE Motherboard

The MSI MEG Z790 ACE doesn't compromise when it comes to memory and expansion capabilities. With 4 DDR5 DIMM SMT slots supporting memory speeds of 7800+ MHz, accompanied by Memory Boost isolated circuitry for overclocking, this motherboard provides ample headroom for memory-intensive tasks. Additionally, its 2 PCIe 5.0 x16 Steel Armor slots deliver blazing-fast data transfer rates, ensuring smooth performance for high-end graphics cards and other expansion cards.

Quintuple M.2 Connectors for Premium Storage Options

Storage is another area where the MEG Z790 ACE shines, offering a plethora of options to accommodate your growing data needs. With five M.2 connectors, including a Gen5 x4 128Gbps slot and four Gen4 x4 64Gbps slots, you can harness the power of next-generation storage devices without compromising on speed or reliability. The inclusion of double-sided Shield Frozr technology prevents SSD thermal throttling, ensuring consistent performance even under heavy workloads.

Excellent Connectivity Features

Connectivity is key in today's interconnected world, and the MSI MEG Z790 ACE delivers on all fronts. Equipped with an Intel Wi-Fi 6E module and Bluetooth 5.2, along with dual 2.5Gbps LAN, this motherboard ensures seamless network connectivity for gaming, streaming, and more. The inclusion of Thunderbolt 4 ports, Mini DP input, and USB High Performance Audio with Audio Boost 5 HD further enhances its versatility, catering to a wide range of peripheral devices and audio setups.

From the Manufacturer: MEG Z790 ACE

Crafted with precision and engineered for performance, the MEG Z790 ACE embodies the perfect synergy between aesthetics and functionality. Its sleek design, complemented by gold embellishments, exudes elegance while its robust hardware support and premium durability ensure unmatched performance under any scenario. Whether you're a hardcore gamer seeking the ultimate overclocking experience or a content creator pushing the boundaries of creativity, the MEG Z790 ACE is your gateway to unparalleled computing power.

MSI: For Gamers & Creators

MSI MEG Z790 ACE Motherboard
MSI MEG Z790 ACE Motherboard

As a pioneer in the gaming and esports industry, MSI has established itself as a trusted name synonymous with innovation and performance. With a relentless focus on pushing the boundaries of technology, MSI collaborates with top-tier gaming teams and esports leagues to integrate competitive gaming knowledge into its products. The result? Cutting-edge hardware solutions like the MEG Z790 ACE, designed to meet the demands of gamers and creators alike, setting new standards for performance and reliability.

Technical Specifications

  • Brand: MSI
  • Manufacturer: MSI COMPUTER, Micro-Star INT'L CO., LTD.
  • Series: MEG Z790 ACE
  • Form Factor: Extended ATX
  • Socket Type: LGA 1700
  • Chipset: Intel Z790
  • Memory Technology: DDR5
  • Maximum Memory Supported: 128 GB
  • Memory Clock Speed: 7800 MHz
  • Graphics Card Interface: PCI Express
  • Connectivity Type: Wi-Fi
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth, 802.11ax
  • Voltage: 1 Volts
  • Power Source: PSU
  • Item Weight: 3 kg

Additional Information

  • Customer Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars (24 ratings)
  • Best Sellers Rank: #302,229 in Computers & Accessories
  • Date First Available: 27 January 2023

In conclusion, the MSI MEG Z790 ACE Motherboard redefines the boundaries of performance and reliability, offering unmatched features and capabilities for gamers, creators, and enthusiasts alike. With its exceptional hardware support, innovative cooling solutions, and cutting-edge connectivity features, this motherboard sets a new standard for high-performance computing. Whether you're pushing the limits of gaming or unleashing your creativity in content creation, the MEG Z790 ACE is the ultimate choice for those who demand nothing but the best.

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