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Frist Prize 1 - 1000 Contestant


It appears you're referring to a contest where the first prize is an Apple iPhone 15 Pro (1 TB) in Blue Titanium color. If you need any further assistance or information regarding this contest, feel free to ask!

Second Prize 1000 - 5000 Contestant

Prize 2 Image

We are thrilled to announce the second prize for our ongoing contest! As a token of appreciation for your participation and dedication, contestants ranked between 1000 and 5000 will be eligible to receive a fantastic gift: a brand-new computer or laptop.

Third Prize 5001 - 10000 Contestant

Prize 3 Image

Prize 3, Third Prize (5001 - 10000 Contestant) is an award given to the contestant who secures the third position in a competition where there are between 5001 to 10000 participants. This prize typically includes recognition, a trophy or certificate, and sometimes a monetary reward or other prizes depending on the nature of the competition. It signifies the achievement and effort of the contestant in performing well among a large pool of competitors.

Third Prize 10001 - 20000 Contestant

Prize 4 Image

Congratulations to the contestants who have secured the Third Prize in this competition, with rankings falling between 10,001 and 20,000. This prize acknowledges the dedication, effort, and skill demonstrated by these individuals in the face of stiff competition.

Third Prize 20001 - 500000 Contestant

Prize 4 Image

Prize 4, the Third Prize, is awarded to contestants who have achieved a ranking between 20,001 and 500,000 in the contest. This prize recognizes their commendable performance and effort within the competition.


Contestant Name Mobile Number User Image User Prize Image Prize Name
Rhayn Abner +91-755-514-0579 User Image Prize Image First Place Prize Name
Kanan +91-965-556-8228 User Image Prize Image Second Place Prize Name
Aditi +91-855-584-6256 User Image Prize Image First Place Prize Name
Salina +91-855-535-8289 User Image Prize Image Second Place Prize Name
Darsh +91-755-526-8506 User Image Prize Image First Place Prize Name
Shaila +91-755-502-5060 User Image Prize Image Second Place Prize Name

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