Dallas Stars into their 2nd West final in a row after knocking out last two Cup champions

Dallas Stars into their 2nd West final in a row after knocking out last two Cup champions
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Dallas Stars into their 2nd West final in a row after knocking out last two Cup champions

Dallas Stars into their 2nd West final in a row after knocking out last two Cup champions


The Dallas Stars have achieved a significant milestone by reaching their second consecutive Western Conference Final. After a grueling series of 13 games in just 26 nights, they can finally take a breather, having avoided another nerve-wracking Game 7. This journey to the final has been nothing short of dramatic, featuring clutch performances, controversial calls, and incredible resilience.

The Path to the Western Conference Final

The Stars' path to the Western Conference Final was anything but easy. They faced the last two Stanley Cup champions, showing remarkable determination and skill. Their journey included a tough seven-game series against the Vegas Golden Knights and a six-game thriller against the Colorado Avalanche. This relentless schedule tested their endurance and teamwork, but they emerged victorious.

Key Moments and Players

One of the most memorable moments came when Matt Duchene scored the game-winning goal in double overtime against the Avalanche. Duchene's goal not only secured the win but also highlighted the Stars' never-give-up attitude. Another key player was goalie Jake Oettinger, whose crucial saves kept the Stars in the game, especially during critical moments.

Series Against the Vegas Golden Knights

The Stars began their playoff run with a seven-game series against the Vegas Golden Knights. This series was a rematch of last year's Western Conference Final, which the Knights won in six games. This time, the Stars were determined to change the outcome. They learned from their past mistakes and used that knowledge to their advantage, ultimately coming out on top.

Game 6 Highlights Against Colorado Avalanche

Game 6 against the Avalanche was a rollercoaster of emotions. Mason Marchment nearly won the game for the Stars in the first overtime, but his goal was disallowed due to goaltender interference. Despite this setback, the Stars kept their composure. Duchene's goal in the second overtime was the final nail in the coffin, sending the Stars to the Western Conference Final.

Coach Pete DeBoer's Perspective

Pete DeBoer, the Stars' head coach, has an impressive record in Game 7s, which he has maintained throughout his career. However, avoiding a Game 7 was crucial for the team. DeBoer's strategic mindset and ability to keep his players focused were key factors in their success. Looking ahead, DeBoer emphasizes the need for health, luck, and continued hard work.

Players' Reactions and Emotions

The players' reactions after the win were a mix of joy and relief. Mason Marchment described the emotional swing when his goal was disallowed, and then the jubilation when Duchene scored the game-winner. Duchene himself talked about the team's even-keeled nature, which helped them reset and keep pushing forward despite the ups and downs.

Looking Ahead to the Western Conference Final

The Stars will face either the Edmonton Oilers or the Vancouver Canucks in the Western Conference Final. Both teams present unique challenges, but the Stars are prepared. Their focus will be on maintaining their physical and mental health, refining their strategies, and leveraging the experience they've gained from previous rounds.

Historical Context

This marks the third time in five seasons that the Stars have reached the Western Conference Final. They made it to the Stanley Cup Final in the 2020 playoffs, held in the Canadian bubble, but fell short against the Tampa Bay Lightning. For Coach DeBoer, this is his seventh conference final, and he is still in search of his first Stanley Cup title.

The Importance of Team Depth

The Stars' success can be attributed to their depth. Veterans like Joe Pavelski have provided leadership and clutch performances, while younger players have stepped up in crucial moments. This blend of experience and youthful energy has been a cornerstone of their playoff run.

The Role of Luck and Health

In any playoff run, luck and health play significant roles. The Stars have managed to stay relatively healthy, which has been crucial given the intense schedule. They've also had their fair share of fortunate bounces, but as Coach DeBoer mentioned, you need a bit of luck to succeed in the playoffs.

Fan Reactions and Support

The support from fans has been overwhelming. The energy from the crowd in Dallas and the buzz on social media have provided a boost for the team. Fans are ecstatic about the team's success and are eagerly anticipating the next round.

Statistical Highlights

Key statistics from the series include Jake Oettinger's impressive save percentage and Matt Duchene's clutch goal-scoring ability. The Stars' defensive efforts, particularly in penalty killing and blocking shots, have also been notable.

Comparisons to Previous Seasons

Comparing this season to the 2020 bubble playoffs, the Stars have shown growth and resilience. They have learned from their past experiences and have made strategic adjustments, which have paid off. The current team is more balanced and determined to go all the way.


The Dallas Stars' journey to the Western Conference Final is a testament to their hard work, strategic planning, and unwavering determination. As they prepare for the next challenge, fans and analysts alike are eager to see if they can continue their impressive run and ultimately lift the Stanley Cup.


What were the key factors in the Stars' success?

The key factors included clutch performances from players like Matt Duchene, strong goaltending by Jake Oettinger, strategic coaching by Pete DeBoer, and the team’s depth and resilience.

How did the Stars handle the pressure of double overtime?

The Stars maintained their composure and focus during the high-pressure moments of double overtime. Their even-keeled nature and ability to reset after setbacks were crucial in handling the pressure.

What can fans expect in the Western Conference Final?

Fans can expect intense and competitive games as the Stars face either the Edmonton Oilers or the Vancouver Canucks. The team will rely on their depth, experience, and strategic planning to advance further.

How significant is Pete DeBoer's leadership?

Pete DeBoer's leadership has been significant in guiding the Stars through challenging playoff rounds. His experience, strategic mindset, and ability to keep the team focused have been vital to their success.

What are the chances of the Stars winning the Stanley Cup?

The Stars have a strong chance of winning the Stanley Cup, given their depth, experience, and current form. However, success will depend on their ability to stay healthy, maintain their focus, and get a bit of luck along the way.

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